Finmax Smart Capital, LLC

Finmax is committed to:

  • Integrity – We hold ourselves and our strategic partners to the highest ethical and professional standards. Finmax’s team of steadfast individuals believe in making the right decisions to ensure compliance and satisfaction for all parties.We zealously protect one of your most important assets: your proprietary information. We keep your proprietary information, client relationships and business practices confidential at all times.
  • Transparency – We take pride in developing trusting relationships. We believe in honesty and sincerity with our clients, partners, and consumers. We will proactively share information to ensure there are no surprises and that all parties are well informed and comfortable. Additionally, all FinMax clients have full access to all information related to all services.
  • Respect – The foundation of our society is respect. Finmax is dedicated to always be respectful to clients, partners and consumers.  As such we are committed to actively listening and recognize that we and our partners must work with consumers to help them reconcile their challenges.
  • Responsiveness – We strive to listen carefully to our clients and agency partner’s needs and concerns, to be inclusive and respectful at all times, and to be responsive and timely in all interactions.
  • Attention to Detail – We seek to service each client’s portfolio as if it were our own, with the objective to achieve excellent performance.

We view each consumer as our client and we take a friendly customer service approach to help consumers resolves their financial hardships. Finmax only cooperates with receivables management firms / agencies who adhere to Finmax’s Corporate Values and operate in compliance with all current consumer protection acts.

We are always seeking to expand its network of partners in the receivables management firms/ agencies, debt sellers and brokers. If you are any of the above or represent any of the above types of entities and wish to explore the possibility of a mutually advantageous business relationship, please contact us. Please note: Finmax Smart Capital, LLC will only consider partnerships with entities in good standing who align with our expectations of the highest ethical and professional standards.